Birmingham Ghosts and Hauntings U.K ( BGAH ) is a team of individuals interested in the paranormal. BGAH formed in 2007, and already has become popular with local people. The team is made up mostly with people who have had their own paranormal experiences and therefore are able to speak freely about ghosts, hauntings and similar topics. We enjoy researching local stories that involves the Birmingham area in particular, although we do investigate alleged hauntings or ghost sightings around the West Midlands and sometimes further afield. We believe Birmingham to be a special place and should be put on the paranormal map along other places of interest. BGAH has their own historian who spends a lot of time in the archives section at various libraries, researching the history of Birmingham and the West Midlands. We feel this to be very important and useful in our investigations. We combine both psychical and scientific studies in our approach to investigate any alleged paranormal phenomena. We enjoy very much working with the public and we take our role in the community very seriously. Birmingham Ghosts and Hauntings UK is in popular demand and therefore we must continue our work to serve the lovely people of the West Midlands. We will be adding to our website more history for the area as we carry on, so keep checking the site for updates!! We use a range of equipment including the following; CCTV Cameras, K2 Meters, Visual Recording Equipment, Audio Recording Equipment, Sensors, Radio Communication etc, for a more extensive list go to the home page where ' Equipment used by us ' will be listed. WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR INVESTIGATIONS, BGAH IS STRICTLY A NON PROFIT ORGANISATION AND IS FUNDED SOLELY BY OURSELVES. WE ARE NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP. BGAH IS A FULLY INSURED ORGANISATION. CERTIFICATE CAN BE VIEWED UPON REQUEST.