Amy Flint

My name is Amy Flint and I am the author of the Porter Biggleswade series. I’m lucky enough to live in York, allegedly one of the most haunted cities in England.

Amy Flint (2)

I have a background in archaeology, and I used to work in Pompeii and at the British Museum. I had the idea for the Porter Biggleswade series after moving to York in 2011 and discovering that ghosts are a key part of York life. The city draws large crowds intrigued to learn more about our paranormal history. Ghost stories have been told throughout history, and they continue to entertain today. However, I wanted to move away from the typical ghost story, to focus on the investigations behind claims of ghostly activity, and the reasons why people see and experience the things that they do. I published Shadows in the Mist in 2014, and have recently released my second Porter Bigglewade book, The Haunting of Delavere Hall.