Welcome to this new section of the BGAH site. Here we hope to touch on a few theories and new ways of thinking regarding the paranormal world. So come, open your mind and lets explore some of the theories out there which may explain the paranormal world around us. BGAH not only documents its paranormal investigations and reports the ghostly history of a site, but also engages in diverse scientific based research; to actually try to come up with an answer to explain some of the mysteries we face. We employ the use of scientific tools and also use people who are sensitive to haunted locations. Some so called scientific research groups vehemently oppose other groups that make use of sensitives or psychics for their research. They claim to do so is not scientific and any claims made cannot be validated, thus making the study worthless. We would beg to differ. Though we are acutely aware of the pitfalls of basing all study on a psychics interpretation of a location, we do know that some people do seem to have more of a sensitivity to certain locations than others. To disregard their testimony and overlook their ability towards such locations would be remiss in our work. Paranormal research in the global lexicon has been described as:- "Approaching paranormal phenomena from a research perspective... often difficult because even when the phenomena are seen as real they may be difficult to explain using existing rules or theory. By definition, paranormal phenomena exist outside of conventional norms." To try to figure out the paranormal world using conventional tools and standard methodologies is probably very slim or doomed to failure. It could be like trying to tune in a radio to receive a television broadcast signal. No matter how hard we try, we would fail and progression in this field would get no farther. Should we give up then? No! Science demands that we keep looking. Science is defined as:- "The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena." This definition does not rule out or favour any one technique. Psychic research is certainly not disqualified under this description, but it frequently is by many people. This dictionary definition clearly encompasses everything that we at BGAH are currently doing. We do admit and recognise that paranormal events do not occur on demand and many investigations may prove fruitless. There may be occasions where investigators may be prone to error in their reporting. The nature of the phenomena that we are investigating automatically gives us problems as it becomes part art and part science. But then so is psychiatry and even medicine, and those practitioners are held in high regard without their character being judged or tainted by the work that they perform. When debating the paranormal, conventional science is sometimes used incorrectly as a weapon, which has a tendency to say that such reported events should not be considered. This is a very unscientific and blinkered approach, yet the only constant answer that is provided from some scientific quarters! This makes science more of a prejudice than an intelligent enquiring discipline. There also pervades a strange logic that because a reported phenomenon can also be performed by trickery or deception, that the original reported phenomenon does not exist. This is startling illogical. Almost anything can be produced by man, but the instances of things that were not created by deceit is really what is under scrutiny! To move forward in this field of research we must lose our prejudice and short-sightedness. Subscribing to standard theories and set working techniques only serves to put more restrictions on success rates. We need to look at the data that is presented and truly see it with detachment from limited thinking. What we are looking at is something that apparently does not conform to science as we know it. We seriously doubt that confining ourselves to only using orthodox scientific techniques is really going to shine new light on these strange occurrences? Please try to keep an open mind as you visit this section again as we will be looking at various theories, research projects and the latest paranormal discoveries which we suspect will be outside of conventionalist thinking.