Halloween Investigation with BRMB Radio

We had the pleasure of being asked to arrange an overnight investigation for BRMB this year. Although it was a very daunting prospect it was extremely exciting for us. Unfortunately due to work commitments the full team couldn’t attend but we had a fantastic night.

The location was one of our favourites , The Lad in the Lane Erdington. Once again our thanks must go to Maureen for being so accommodating for us. We were joined by two members of the BRMB team Joe and Louise.After starting the circle it was not long before we were getting audible sounds from within the bar and these seemed to be in response to questions, we asked for them to be made closer to the circle and louder and they then started within the coircle itself.The sounds were picked up by the recording equipment and by all present.They were very clear and from the middle of the circle, they also seemed to move around the circle.It was a very energetic session and one which shocked the BRMB team as they had not expected anything let alone anything as interesting as what we had experienced.
Everyone needed a short break to give us chance to right our reports and also for Joe and Louise to take in everything so far.

After the break we moved to the top bar and toilet area but these seemed very quiet this evening, we did try calling out but we had little response.
It was decided that it would be beneficial if we moved to the cellar, as we know the activity that takes place here. We took everyone downstairs and started in area 1.It was in this room that Louise had one of the most disconcerting things happen for her that night, whilst in this room when we were calling out Louise, who was standing against a wall felt someone breathe on her neck. No one else felt it and she said it was a definite breath not a draft. We left this room shortly after this.

The group moved into area 2 where we started with a circle and we had responsive knocks from beneath the concrete floor once again very distinct and easily heard by all in the group. A couple of members of the team kept seeing shadows in the corridor and lights so one team member went to investigate. She made contact with one of the regular spirits and he seemed quite anxious at the new faces but agreed to come into the room. This spirit then started to interact with another of the team members and started to play a game where he copied repetitive knocks and also patterns of knocking. He did this for about 10 minutes before his energy was felt leaving the room.

The group returned upstairs to log the events from the evening and discuss the events with the BRMB team. They were very impressed with what they had seen and heard .It was not long after this that we called an end to the evening as they had a deadline to reach for editing the interviews and reports.
I would like to say that it was fantastic working with Joe and Louise and would once again like to extend the offer that you can join us whenever you like.
It was a great experience working with BRMB and one we hope to repeat again in the near future, thanks Guys…