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Situated in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham. It's reported to have several ghosts, including one story of a gravestone that reputedly has a ghostly figure of a young woman sometimes seen sitting upon the grave. Not much is known about this story or why she has been seen at this grave in particular, not even her identity is known.
There are so many stories about this graveyard. If you want to explore this cemetery I would advise going on the ghost walk and learning some of the ghostly history!! I've been on it and found it very fascinating.

You can get more info on the Birmingham website for
Birmingham ghosts and graveyard trails. It really is worth a look :)



This abandoned railway bridge is said to be haunted by a phantom ghost train. Also a ghostly figure of a night watchman has been seen holding a glowing lantern. Eerie echos of distant steam engines have also been reported.

The next couple of photographs show what the locals call 'The Walkway'.
This trail leads from the bridge into the woods, where it is said that witches had put an evil spell on the woodlands. Phantom blazes of fire used to be seen raging in the woods during the 1970's, no explanation for this strange phenomena was ever found.

walk way


Built in 1875, the Council House is a lasting monument to Joseph
Chamberlain. He was Mayor of Birmingham three times and then later
an MP. Born in London, he came to Birmingham when he was eighteen to work in his uncle's screw factory.
Joseph Chamberlain is said to haunt his old office in the Council House, which is situated in the corner of the building on the first floor.
He lived at Highbury Hall, Kings Heath. He is buried at Key Hill Cemetery,

council house
Joseph Chamberlain
Birmingham Council House ( corner view )
birmingham icc


The International Convention Centre was officially opened on 12th June 1991. The first photograph shows the construction of the ICC. The Building took over four years to complete at a cost of £200 million.
The canal side of the ICC used to be occupied by a row of terraced cottages, a Roman Catholic school and church. The church was eighteenth century and was called St Peter's. Needless to say, St Peter's had a graveyard!

The school and church were demolished in 1969 and the gravestones removed. When the plans were being drawn up for the construction of the ICC, records were checked. It was found that St. Peter's graveyard had over 500 burials. Work commenced on the ICC construction site in 1986 and the remains of 1,163 bodies were discovered. It is believed that some of the remains found were plague victims dating back to the 1600's, however, it is now believed that most of the remains belonged to Italian Immigrants that worked in the city. Latest research indicates that most of these poor souls died in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

There have been numerous reports around the ICC and canal side.
Feelings of being watched, dark shadows even poltergeist activity. A general feeling of unease.

The skeletal remains have been moved to their new resting place at Oscott College Cemetery in Sutton Coldfield, where it is marked by a single 20 foot wooden cross.

old crown pub


This precious gem situated in the heart of Birmingham was built in the latter part of the fifteenth century, although it is suggested that an earlier building could have occupied the site. In 1589 it was owned by John Dyckson, a Birmingham carrier, who was probably responsible for splitting the main hall into two floors.
The building was at the centre of a two-day siege during the Civil War and could have been used as a mortuary to house the dead.

By the 1800's the building had passed through many hands and had fallen into a state of disrepair. Joshua Toulmin Smith bought the property and refurbished it, much to the annoyance of Birmingham Corporation who wanted to knock down the building in 1851, 1856 and again in 1861 as part of an ' improvement ' scheme.

It is now run as a pub, restaurant and hotel.
Phenomena has taken place here, mostly in the form of apparitions, dark shadows, mists and unusual noises. It has haunted bedrooms number 5 and 8, for those of you looking for an unrestful night!!!