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Baddesley Clinton,


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The moated manor house of Baddesley Clinton was probably established sometime in the 13th century. When large areas of the Forest of Arden were cleared and eventually converted to farmland, this large fortified manor house was probably also built. In 1438, John Brome, the Under Treasurer of England, bought the manor. It then passed to his son, Nicholas, who is thought to have built the East Range, which is the main entrance. Nicholas is also responsible for the extensive rebuilding of the nearby church of St Michael's, done as penance for killing the parish priest, a murder reputed to have taken place in the great house itself. The house from this period was equipped with gun ports, and possibly a drawbridge. When Nicholas Brome died in 1517, the house passed to his daughter, who married Sir Edward Ferrers ( High Sheriff of Warwickshire ) in 1500 and 1505.. The house remained in the ownership of the Ferrers family until 1940 when it was purchased by Thomas Walker, a relative of the family who changed his name to Ferrers. His son, who inherited the property in 1980, sold the estate to the National Trust. Nicholas Ferrers was buried standing up, beneath the threshold of St Michaels church. This unusual act of burial was so, because of the brutal crime he committed, murder! Blood stains on the floor of the Library are said to remain, even to this day. Phantom footsteps are said to be heard still roaming around the house.......could this be Nicholas, wanting forgiveness or could it be the murdered priest?

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