TV Presenter and International Investigator

Ray Jorden - television presenter and one of the new stars of The Paranormal 5. Ray Jorden is also an international and UK based Paranormal Investigator.

As well as the TV series Ray investigates as part of the UK5 Paranormal Team established in Warminster, Wiltshire and the paranormal circuit, Ray has investigated to date over 50+ locations, he is also a leading member of International Paranormal.

Ray is also one of the investigators for Vision Paranormal for internet broadband Vision News, in a series about local Salisbury based Hauntings, Ray has also appeared in one UK feature film playing a russian soldier in a Comedy Film.

With mixing his passion for the Paranormal and charity work, the charity based Celebrity Famous and Frightened was born, with the first event having taken place on April 2nd 2008. Ray took a team of Celebrity Guest Investigators for a night of Paranormal ghost hunting at the London Dungeons in aid of raising money for charity. Famous and Frightened 2 will be in London in March and Famous and Frightened 3 will be taking place in Scotland on Halloween in 2009, both are in the planning stage at present.

For 2008-2009, with known names like Author Jason Day and Celebrity and Sports Psychic Dean 'Midas' Maynard, TV Medium Carol Stirling, Ray will be working on various projects with them, also in development are projects Ray has written himself ranging from Paranormal to Fashion.

Ray has recently appeared in a live studio radio show in Monterrey Mexico. Appearing on xhweb radio on the Contacto Mistico in a two hour show. Ray was talking about the paranormal and his TV series The Paranormal 5, taking calls and questions from Brazil, America, Peru, and Mexico City. Ray was the first British person to appear on the radio show.

With many UK radio shows to his name, Ray has appeared on shows with Dean 'Midas' Maynard, Mark Webb, Chris Fleming, Carol Stirling and many more.

As lead investigator of UK5 Paranormal, Ray and the rest of the team Won an SCAA Award at this years Spiritual Connextions Awards 2008 in Portsmouth, Winning Popular Informative Website, for the teams Paranormal Website.

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ITV West takes a look at all things spooky with Paranormal 5, a Serendipity production for
ITV West.

The new series follows a team of four paranormal investigators and one spirit medium as they
visit various public and residential locations in the West which have experienced paranormal

The team conduct various experiments at the haunted locations in the hope to shed some light
on who or what, is causing the disturbances and why."

The first programme goes out on Thursday 10th July 2008 at 23.10 hrs and runs for eight weeks
until Thursday 28th August 2008.

The whole series was filmed in a very unique and sympathetic style, taking the team to 16
amazing locations, (14 being shown in 8 x half-hour episodes) all over the South West
of England.

Each location filmed and investigated by the team, were very different from each other, often
discovering facts and information that they did not expect to hear. With intrigue, tears,
laughter, long hours of investigation and filming a real sense of family was experienced by all
invloved in the production.

All the team, Ray, Samantha, Andrew, Wayne and Paul have been on the most amazing journey
together as friends and as ITV WEST's The Paranormal 5 team and look forward to seeing the
series on TV and more investigating as their very own UK5 Paranormal.

he UK5 Paranormal team is based in Warminster Wiltshire and we are very proud to also be Warminster's very own, first paranormal investigations team. We are a dedicated, committed, friendly research team with an aim to uncover the truth behind any paranormal activity we are given the privilege to investigate. We use various, thorough methods of testing for paranormal activity depending on the location we are investigating and the activity reported. As well as using the vast array of equipment we have, we also use a medium as another way of investigating activity.

Each team member brings their own unique view and practice while investigating and researching the paranormal with sincere dedication and respect. We are purely self funding and do not charge but donations from location owners towards our costs are gratefully received. We all hold down regular jobs and businesses and carry out all our research and investigations in our own spare time. In the autumn of 2007 we were very fortunate to be chosen as the presenters for a new TV series, The Paranormal 5, by ITV West. This was the first time we’d ever been paid to do what we really love most of all and it was a month of pure bliss; fantastic locations, wonderful people and some fascinating results. It was also brilliant because it enabled us to invest some of our fees back into the team and purchase new, exciting equipment for future investigations. More details on the show can be found here

While we certainly don’t claim to be ‘experts’, the team does have a wealth of experience in paranormal investigation. We are a very close knit team, we’re all very good friends, and we consider this one of the most beneficial factors when undertaking investigations. The ease we are at with each other, along with the total positivity between us all, creates a unique dynamic and really does seem to make a huge difference when trying to attain results.

We approach each investigation with an open mind. We don’t simply assume that any reported, or experienced, activity is of a paranormal nature. We do carry out our investigations with the utmost respect though and in a sympathetic fashion without any of the theatrics we have sadly had to become accustomed to only too often. Aided by the latest paranormal investigation equipment and technology, we aim to prove, and also disprove, alleged activity in known and unknown paranormal locations all over the UK. We know as a team that not everything you see, feel and hear is paranormal. Most things have a rational explanation but when those rational explanations can’t be found, what are we left with?