Station Hotel, Bloxwich

We arrived at the Station Hotel at around 11:00pm . After closing time we set up a locked off camera in the cellar, and also two cameras on tripods in the main bar area. This evening we were going to start in the main bar and then investigate the corridor and toilets and lastly the cellar.
We started with a psychic circle in the largest bar area. During this many of the people present heard knocks in response to questions and also had the temperature change around them , a couple of people heard and felt a strong breath on their arms and most of the noise activity seemed to be coming from the other end of the bar area. Whilst we were in the circle a number of energies were picked up and seemed to be unaware of our presence. For one of the Team members the strongest energy was that of a young man who was in soldiers uniform.His name was Peter.The other strong energy was that of a young girl and also a lady and baby.The names which were picked up in thia area were Mark,Bert,Lydia,Carl, John and George this name was picked up by three different people.We decided to move to the other end of the bar as a lot of noises seemed to becoming from that area. As soon as we moved to this area a member of the team became very ill and felt dizzy and nauseous and also had a feeling of anger,She had to leave the area. Another team member had a similar feeling but it was not as bad, she called three of the guests over to see if they could sense anything in that area, she did not let on that anything was there. We did not stay long in this area and then had a short break , but whilst we were there the name John was picked up. During the breaks it is requested that people fill out there investigators reports so things are fresh in their minds when they fill them in.

After the break we went to the corridor and toilet areas. They seemed very quiet on this visit and a couple of the guests wanted to try mirror scyring so we spent some of the time in the ladies attempting this. They seemed very succesful and reported seeing many images. One team member did pick up on a lady named Anna in this area. In the gents a few of the members felt ill and nauseous a man named Frank or possibly Fred aged about 54-57 who passed away in this area was picked up on by one of the team. A couple of members noticed the same young child running about the corridor and peering round the toilet doors one of the guests saw this too.She felt his name was Robert. After this time we went back to the base area and had a break.

The last place to be investigated was the cellar.There are two areas to the cellar so a small group went to the smaller area to perform a psychic circle whilst three people stayed in the main cellar to observe and we had three people filming. One of the people filming at this time felt very unsteady and kept swaying as though she was being physically pushed.There were some knocks in reponse to questions and a few people felt temperature changes and being touched or pushed. The other group observing heard knocks and taps also. We moved from this area to carry out a full group circle with two people filming. The young girl who was picked up in this cellar before was apparent again and once more singing round the outside of the circle. The guests present had not been made aware of this fact or any others regarding this location and two heard singing and felt a small child was there.One of them had her coat pulled and moved.One team member thought Anna seemed to be the name although someone else had the name Lydia and felt this was the same child from upstairs.A male presence was felt near the barrels and a couple of guests felt that the top half of their body was hot and the bottom area cold.The name Annie Macintyre was picked up as well as the name Tom which has been picked up before although this time the surname seemed to be Watson.
We had a break and then had a discussion about peoples findings and thoughts about the findings recorded on their sheets. A few similarities appeared especially in the second area of the bar where the people invited to the one area all recorded feeling unwell and nauseous with a distinct feeling of pressure pushing them down. Some of the names have been picked up before and by other people. The members who had visited before felt that one of the main spirits present in the pub was not grounded to the cellar but had travelled to the bar area on this occasion.The cellar was quieter on this visit than on any of the visits before but the bar area was a lot more active than on previous visits.The mens toilets still had the same ghost present in it although a slightly different explanation was given for it this time as it was also picked up by one of the newer team members.The team member who had been before did notice it was the same energy that had been there on the last visits.

The EMF readings seemed to be constant throughout with no significant difference.
The locked off camera in the cellar picked up nothing of interest.
The cameras used on the evening and still photography do not seem to have captured anything of any major significance.

We had a very interesting time at this location, once again and we would like to send our thanks to Shaun Julie and the family for allowing access to the Station Hotel..

If anyone knows any history of this pub or the surrounding areas please drop us a line and let us know we would be very interested in reading it.