Station Hotel , Dudley...

We would like to thank once again, the marvellous staff at The Station Hotel.Especially Bev , you are a star !

The investigation started at 9pm. Room 216 was to be our base room , after setting up locked off cameras we had a walk round the building to see what the energies were like that evening and to show the guests around. Also present that evening were another group of people staying in the other rooms. They would join us during the evening on different occasions. Whilst we were in the ballroom a member of the team placed her walkie talkie on a table whilst she was filming. No one was near the table when we heard a static noise coming from it then a male voice said something. All present heard it and were shocked by the clarity of it. Non of the other walkie talkies made a sound or made the usual static noise before two way conversation.This makes it an even stranger occurance as if it was radio interference all the walkie talkies would have picked it up in some form as they are all on the same frequency. Was this an attempt by a spirit to communicate ????

After the initial walk round we decided to go to the cellar first. Other guests from the hotel were present also.We spent about an hour in the cellar and captured some interesting footage , one of the photo's which was very interesting is below and was taken by Paul.Members from both groups experienced some very strong odours in the cellar , including the smell of vomit and some had the feeling of something around their necks.
One of our team exhibited some very out of character behaviour in the cellar and even more disturbing has no recollection of it at all. Two names were picked up and were found to have connection to two of the people present that evening.A small child was picked up on ( for the first time in the cellar by this person) and these facts were confirmed by a member of staff. A spirit of a man was also present in the room but it was felt that he was there to communicate with a person within the room rather than being attached to the building.

After a very interesting time in the cellar we returned to the base room, where a locked off camera had been left in our absence. We decided to hold our next vigil in this room. We heard lots of knocks and bangs in response to questions but unfortunately due to the nature of the surroundings and the activity taking place in other rooms natural causes for these could not be ruled out. A dark mass was seen by two members and seemed to be concentrated in one area. It was later noted that the team member who was nearest to this area had felt a strong presence in the same place.

We ended the vigil in the room after about an hour and headed down to the restaurant. Whilst walking through the restaurant a definate cold spot was felt, no open windows were found and the surrounding areas all had a warmer temperature. No natural causes could be found for this. Although a man was picked up in the area he was not stepping forward to communicate and seemed happy enough to observe. The walkie talkies were acting very strange in this area and were making sounds although it was only one at a time and non of the others picked up corresponding sounds. This was more pronounced in the restaurant doorway , again after investigation of the area no natural source could be found that might be causing this reaction but due to the nature of the surroundings could not be ruled out as there was a lot of electrical equipment present in this area. Where as in the ballroom there was not obvious electrical items or sources nearby.

After a short break we all decided that the ballroom was to be the main focus for the group that evening.This is due to the fact that the ballroom has always had a definate atmosphere for our group and we have had some interesting results from this area on this and other occasions. We started by calling out and heard responsive knocks and bangs, but again due to the unusual hotel activity that evening natural causes could not be ruled out. The group decided to try communication via glass divination and had some good results with this. We then decided we would try table tipping , as a group we have not tried this particular form of experiment at this location before. Four members of the team sat around the table and almost immediately the table started to rock from side to side in response to questions. This was a very interesting result and I am sure we will try this at other locations too.

At the end of the evening , the group all agreed although there had been some interesting results it had been a very strange evening.Some of the group had a deep feeling of negativity and this was unusual . The spirits themselves had seemed reluctant to step forward and it had been difficult to communicate with them.So although some names had been picked up and had some strange events we all decided it had been a rather quiet night compared to what this location can be. But we are sure to return again.

Original photo
Pauls inverted

Pauls Photo, original . Pauls Photo, colours inverted. What can you see ???