The Bell Inn, Harborne.

the bell

Report / Findings.

Main Lounge Area. We started the evening with a psychic circle. During this session we heard, what seemed to be ' intelligent ' knocks and taps, in response to questions asked. The name George was picked up in this area and two team members thought that George was seated below the clock at the lower end of the lounge, he was described as having dark brown hair with a square jaw line. Electro magnetic field readings were within normal range and the temperature remained constant throughout. We started to see if we could communicate through means of ' table tipping '. During this session the table was monitored below and above.

A sensor and small ball were placed in the centre of the table to indicate any movement. Knocking was heard coming from underneath the table and the ball could be seen moving. The sensor kept switching itself off, and had to be turned back on several times during the vigil. ( This is not usual behaviour for the sensor.) The table was also clearly seen moving and was captured on visual recording equipment. A cold blast of air circled its way around the table at various times during the vigil and this was felt by team members seated at the table. Many team members complained of sudden coldness around their knees, legs and hands. The names Michael and Joey ( short for Joseph ) were picked up. Joey being a young boy with blonde hair, wearing short trousers. A lady was also picked up and it was suggested that she might have been a school maam or a nanny who looked after the young boy. One team member had the impression that someone by the name of Phil / Phillip, suffered some kind of head trauma as a result from a blow to the back of the head. All temperature and emf readings were again normal with no fluctuations. The Snug Area. Nothing happened in this room, despite our efforts to communicate. All readings from temperature and emf were normal. The Cellar Areas. Again knocks and taps could be heard quite clearly by all present. A small red light was seen by the cellar chute, before quickly disappearing. The sensor was placed on a ledge and again was switching itself off, this happened several times for unknown reasons. A Father John was picked up in this area and also the names, James, Samuel and Smith. We left the cellar area, leaving three team members behind to continue a smaller group vigil. During the time they were there, they heard again knocks and taps, coming from various places within the cellar. Conclusion. With having only done one investigation at the Bell Inn, our conclusion is that the pub has got activity. We cannot say for certain that the Bell is haunted. We would need to do more investigating at the Bell to try and determine what exactly is going on. The Bell Inn is a gem of a pub. It has a lovely warm, inviting atmosphere. Nothing negative was picked up at all during the investigation and in fact was just the opposite. We would love and welcome the opportunity to carry out further investigations at this location. We would like to thank everyone at the Bell for making us all feel welcome, but especially Amy, for her kindness and patience for allowing us to investigate.