The Old Rep Theatre Birmingham.

Group 2
Dressing Room 1 2 3  The group had little activity in these rooms, they had a few knocks that seemed in response to questions.The name Joseph was picked up by one group member.
Dressing Room 4 5 6 7  
Room 4 A lady was sensed outside and a cold breeze was felt .
Room 5 A group member had the impression of rails of clothes and prop stores, and also the image of a lady having a baby.At the same time another group member heard a baby crying. A cat was heard in this area and the name Mr Pickles was picked up, was this the cats name ?
Room 6 A woman was seen in this room in a white shroud type outfit she was crying and wailing and was running around the rooms and corridor.When she was requested to do something the lights flickered on and off.Orbs were seen by a group member in this room.
Room 7 This group attempted scrying and they appeared to be successful with a member seeing two images one of a balding man and another of a lady.Another group member had the name of Mr.Cohen a small robust Jewish man who was quite agitated.Someone else had the image of white feathers and a woman being very emotional about the affair she was having with a married man, another member in the group mentioned sensing an upset female in this room.
In the corridor outside the rooms a cat was heard purring by a couple of members and one felt a cat rub against their legs.Several coldspots were felt in the corridor and a group member saw the image of a clown and the group all smelt a very bad odour.The names Terry ,Mary, and the image of Noel Gordon and the Beverly Sisters were picked up in this area.
The Green Room
None of this group wanted to stay in the green room ,they felt a strong male dominance and some felt very uneasy. A feeling of gambling and death was felt in the room.Several orbs were caught on camera and also some flashing blue lights were seen and the entire group felt extremely cold in here.The fridge was making repeated noises for the whole period of time the group were in here, apparently the thermostat.
One group member heard someone singing "Papagano" and felt very hot then it changed to tingling and coldness.She also picked up that someone had a terrible fall, and also that there was a terrible fight by the stage.A male energy was picked up near the stage and some audible sighs were heard. Another member had the image of a man named Frank having a heart attack but unfortunately he passed away in hospital.Plus the image of a man called Reginald that people called "Reggie Darling" and that he was the victim of a vicious attack near the stage.He was singing " Who want's to be a millionaire" . A janitor named Tommy was picked up and he was sweeping the floor with a long handled broom wearing a grey flat cap with a cigarette in his mouth. This seems to be a ghost not a spirit.The names Bernard, Charles, and Lucy were picked up in this area.Lots of knocks were heard in the room and the sound of something being turned that needed oiling.

On the way back to the base room the man in the group was tapped on the head. It did not hurt but it was strange enough for him to mention it to the other members in the group.

During the discussion at the end of the evening many similarities between both groups came to light. Both groups had picked up on the male energies in the green room and had one member who had been tapped on the head in the same area of the theatre. This is more peculiar as they were both men and it had happened on the same stairwell.The name Charles had been picked up in the auditorium by both groups as had the fall. Members in both groups said that it was very difficult to get the spirits to step forward but it was an incredible evening. One of the more strange occurrences was the fridge in the green room.During both groups first visit it was making repeated clicking noises, which both groups realised ,were very likely caused by the thermostat.On group ones second visit the fridge made no noise at all.
We rounded the evening off at about 5 am and packed everything away.

The locked off cameras do not appear to have caught anything of any significance nor have any of the voice recorders. A few of the photos taken had light anomalies on , some of which I have posted with this report. The other video footage is still being analysed if anything of any significance is found I will update this report accordingly.

We would like to thank everyone for making this such a good investigation and especially Rob. Special thanks go to Louise and Stuart for joining us on this investigation we are glad you could make it and we all enjoyed working with you on this.
The whole group hope we can arrange another visit soon and cannot wait for the opportunity as we all feel this property has so much more to offer.
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