The Rock Hotel, Tettenhall

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Main Bar and Lounge area.

Many strange and unexplained occurrences happened in this room. The temperature readings at one point varied to a degree that it could not in our opinion have been caused by natural influences.
I asked for the temperature to be effected and to our astonishment this is exactly what happened. The temperature in the room dropped straight away, and when I asked for it to go even lower it did so almost immediately! This was witnessed by several others at the time.
I also asked for a fork or spoon to be moved on any one of the tables, shortly afterwards a “ TING” sound was heard by all, and even though we investigated each table we could not determine where the noise had come from.
A guest who was present at the time reported having their coat pulled whilst sitting in a chair quietly observing!
Taps and knocks were heard and seemed to respond to questions when asked to do so. We also heard what sounded like footsteps walking around upstairs, but we know for certain that at that time no-one was in any of the upstairs rooms.
Some people present thought they had seen a shadow in the corner by the window, but this was not captured on film.
We left a few investigators in this room while the rest of us ventured upstairs. While we were gone, the investigators who remained in this room heard a distinctive cough, this we were told by the staff, had been heard on a couple of occasions before our visit.

Kitchen Area

Some of the team went into the kitchen area and upon entering this room, a dark shadow in the shape of a person was seen quickly fleeing across the back wall next to the walk-in fridge. Nothing else was reported in this area.

Wacky Warehouse

Whilst sitting quietly observing we could hear on occasion some creaking sounds, we could not confirm whether or not it was the building settling. Something small was seen behind the refreshment area, it moved so quickly that we are unable to say what had been seen. We can only surmise that something appeared to move in this area, unfortunately we did not catch this on film. Again we witnessed fluctuations in temperature, however this could be a natural draught flow from the windows.

Top floor and Landing area

Nothing at all was reported in this area. All temperature and EMF remained constant throughout with no fluctuations.

The Tower Stairway

This area proved to be very interesting. Two investigators held a vigil on the stairway and was very impressed by what they had witnessed.

When two investigators sat themselves on the stairs of the tower, they were amazed at all the noises they heard coming from this room. Knocking sounds were abundant and consistent throughout the vigil. They reported that the lower door to the hallway was rattling at times; thinking a draught was maybe the cause, they attempted to rattle the door themselves, however the door in question was shut tight and could not be moved, they could not make it rattle.
One investigator’s torch switched itself off and on again twice during the vigil.
Noises in this area have been caught on video, and we are still trying at this point to come up with an explanation.

We do hope that sometime in the future, we’ll be allowed to make a return visit. We would like to thank Scott and Carol for making the investigation at the Rock possible, we really appreciate it.

Analyzing footage can take a long time to complete and we are still in this process. If we find anything of importance we’ll let you know and keep you updated.
We have not found very much about the history, but this again can be a long process, but we’ll keep at it in hopes we can come up with some interesting information.