White Ladies Priory

White Ladies Priory is situated within the Shropshire and Staffordshire boarders. Once a nunnery and chapel, all that remains today are the ruins of this once sacred place. We decided this place needed some investigating, after hearing many stories from people who claim to have either witnessed something strange or indeed heard noises ( music and whispers, etc.) that they could not explain. Many of our team investigators came along with much anticipation, hoping to either debunk the claims of paranormal activity or to witness something for themselves. We took audio and visual equipment as well as emf and temperature. We started with a walk around the site to get our bearings and to absorb the atmosphere and surroundings. At this point some strange things started to happen, however we may have some logical explanations for some but not for others. Firstly, some investigators standing in one paricular area thought they could hear music ( this is one of the phenomenas reported by visitors ). We listened for a while, before realising that the ' music ' could have been in fact the ' hum ' of distant traffic, echoing through the stone ruins. We have confirmed that the motorway is nearby and this could be a logical and rational explanation for what many have thought to be paranormal. We also heard a rustling noise, but because White Ladies is located near woodland, we decided that this noise could have been caused by small rodents! Some very interesting things did happen and we were not able to explain them all away. A white mist shape was seen, very dense and concise. I managed to photograph a similar mist at White Ladies a few days prior to the investigation ( see link below ). We also heard quite clearly what sounded like a male groan behind us.....after seaching the area to see if anyone else was around, nothing or no-one could be found. We encountered light taps to the head in one specific area of the priory ( although I will not disclose the area ) as I want to see if anyone else has experienced this whilst visiting. Strange lights were caught on camera, and look like what only can be described as ' miniature comets ' complete with tails. We have not completed our vast data of White Ladies, but we will update this report when final analysis is complete. We would definitely recommend a visit to the priory, but please respect the area, as unfortunately we did notice some vandalism and fly tipping, which is disgusting to think that some individuals think it's perfectly acceptable to ruin what little we have left of Britain's beautiful heritage. Please keep this in mind when visiting :) White Ladies Priory is owned and looked after by English Heritage.

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